18:43 17.01.2018 (upd. 18:43 17.01.2018 ) How to make money from falling bitcoin It is possible to earn on bitokoyn falling, of course, by purchasing it at a low price, but there is no guarantee that the crypto currency will not continue to fall, and if you already have a crypto currency, if the value falls, you simply observe how your balance in dollar terms decreases.

But, if you fall, you buy tokens in ICO, and even better in ICO with a binding to the business, then in this case you buy tokens, the cost of which was calculated even before the fall of the value of the crypto currency.

Russian Risks credit crypto currency, the value of the token $ 2, but ICO began on January 15, before the fall of the Crypto-currency, and in the Crypto-currency, the cost of the tokens remains:

1 ETH = 750 tokens Rucoin = 20% Bonus (the cost was $ 1500);
1 ETH = 7500 tokens Rucoin = 20% Bonus (the cost was $ 1500);

Thus, holders of crypto-currencies can dilute their cryptoportal with ICO tokens which started in January to January 15.

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